Part # : PAPPAS-200 MCK


The Cutting Chamber

The Pappas MKC-200 is our newest line of emulsifying equipment that offers you something no other emulsifier can offer, “Total Control”. That’s what you receive with the newly designed Pappas MKC-200. Unlike other emulsifiers, the Pappas MKC-200 was designed to give you total control of your product’s final temperature. Available in 50, 60 or 75 horsepower, the Pappas MKC-200 can be sized to fit your application and required temperature development. Based on past experience, many large and small producers deal with final emulsified temperature issues; resulting from slowing the process too far, to “greasing out”, to totally destroying the product integrity. The Pappas MKC-200 can help you eliminate those problems by putting you in control with the touch of a button. No more destroying product. No more slow production. Gently regain control of your emulsification with the Pappas MKC-200.

​•  All stainless steel construction.
•  Complete disassembly for ease of cleaning.
•  All stainless steel frame with sanitary enclosed design.
•  Pump feed design fits right into your existing system.
•  No jigging or torque required for assembly of cutting unit.
•  No “Metal-to-Metal” contact.
•  Literally hundreds of cutting configurations to achieve desired results.
•  Controlled temperature increases up to 25° at 300 pounds/minute plus.

​​Each component of the cutting chamber is precision ground from stainless steel materials and offers you a unique, controlled cutting action previously unavailable in milling machines or emulsifiers. The cutting action is accomplished by pumping the product through the cutting chamber at a controlled rate of speed, available in most pumping systems. As the product passes through the chamber, it is cut by multiple, high-speed, stacked knives. This gentle cutting action allows you to control your temperature without destroying your product from over cutting or smearing. Knives can be arranged from 1 knife up to 14 knives. For a more refined product, or final emulsified, anti-swirl rings can be added to provide a more consistent, homogenous product. If your ready to eliminate your emulsification problems, give the MKC-200 a test run and see what it can do for you.

Knives are available in 2 and 3 arm styles. For most applications, the 2 arm style knife will accomplish temperature and product objectives at flow rates exceeding 300 pounds per minute. For more extreme conditions, where temperatures will need to increase 20-25° at 300 pounds per minute or more, then the 3 arm knife style would be more effective at controlling the desired temperature.

The cutting chamber is designed with a unique infeed to “extrude” the product into the chamber where it can be cut in a controlled environment. This promotes better product exposure to the knives where the particles can then be reduced with better consistency. The infeed plate also serves a secondary purpose which is to trap larger particles of metal which could damage internal components. The chamber is also sleeved to prevent damage to the cutting chamber which helps keep maintenance cost to a minimum. All components can be easily removed for ease of clean up.


Pappas - MCK 200

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