The Cutting Chamber

Part # : PAPPAS-150 DPE

  • Open hopper design for dumping, pump feeding, or use in tandem.
  • Vertical knife mounting for excellent product flow to the cutting chamber.
  • No “jigging” required for setup.
  • No knife-to-plate torque setting required before or during operation.
  • All stainless steel construction.
  • Complete disassembly for ease of cleaning.

Pappas - DPE 150

​The precision ground, hardened steel parts meet the highest tolerances and most demanding work conditions. For extremely demanding conditions, the knife mounts and lug rings are specially manufactured to meet the demands of those conditions. With the “KE System”, the Pappas 150 DPE will achieve unparalleled protein extraction and particle fineness.

Knife Mounts are available in 3 or 5 arm styles. Both knives feature independent floating of the knife mount, which yields 360-degree knife-to-plate contact. The result is a cooler product discharge temperatures. Lug rings are available in various lug configurations and designed to fit your protein extraction needs. The Throw-Out Rotor discharges the finished product from the emulsifier and comes in a variety of styles. The product consistency and moisture content determine the proper rotor required for each operation. New styles and configurations are designed and manufactured by Pappas as necessary.

​The Pappas 150 DPE our newest lines of emulsifiers that offer you the same great service as their predecessor the 225 DPE. Both machines feature the new “KE Floating Knife System” with dual plate cutting design and no torque adjustment. The Pappas 150 DPE machines require a minimal amount of floor space. Motors are available in 50, 60, and 75 horsepowers, designed to fit any of your applications. They provide the ultimate in product reduction and protein extraction that you have come to expect from your emulsifier. Size, portability, ease of setup, operation, and it’s ability to get the job done, make the Pappas 150 DPE the machine to meet your emulsification needs. 



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