Sharpening Steels

The all-purpose Paring Knife is ideal for anything from trimming and peeling vegetables and fruits to small chopping and slicing tasks.

Butcher Knives

A Boning Knife features a slender blade that curves inward to give maximum control when cutting around and separating meat and poultry from the bone.

Cimeter Knives

A Sharpening Steel, also called butcher's steel, is used to maintain a fine edge on already sharp knives. Made of extremely hard, high-carbon steel, diamond steel or ceramic, Sharpening Steels come in a range of lengths. It is best to choose a Sharpening Steel that is longer than the knife to be sharpened. A knife is sharpened by drawing the blade with light pressure across the steel at a 20- or 30-degree angle. Repeating this motion 5 to 6 times on both sides of the knife blade prior to use will maintain a razor-sharp edge. Dull blades should not be used on a Sharpening Steel, but rather need to be resharpened on Whetstone or with a Knife Sharpener.

A unique blade shape designed after a classic blade style, the 10 inch Cimeter is suited for cutting a variety of meats from chicken to pork. The high-carbon stainless steel blade is curved to a point at the tip for precise cutting of brisket, sirloin or shank. The blade is fitted with an ergonomic handle that is comfortable to hold and slip resistant.

Bread Knives

The knife you'll reach for time and time again. A Chef's Knife is the true workhorse of any cutlery set. This essential knife is ideal for chopping, mincing, dicing and julienning fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our Hand Knives

Breaking Knives

Paring and Kitchen Knives

Breaking knives are used to break down large quarters into smaller roasts and pieces. An excellent choice for most butchering work.

The serrated edge on a Bread Knife is ideal for slicing crusty loaves of bread as well as tomatoes, angel food cake and other foods with durable exteriors and soft, delicate interiors.

Boning Knives

Butcher Knives are used for butchering large pieces of meat like pork shoulders. It also works great for slicing meats, roasts, roast turkey and ham and into thin and even slices.

Chef's Knives

Similar to a Carving Knife, a good quality Slicing Knife is essential for carving meats and poultry, as well as for slicing sandwiches, fruits and vegetables. A Slicing Knife's long blade helps to produce thin, uniform slices.