Our Company

Excellence Since 1921

When a young Greek immigrant began sharpening knifes out of a truck, the PAPPAS name has exemplified quality. The quality precision grinding skills of old have been broadened to service the complete needs of the food industry. Today, PAPPAS, Inc. is still family owned and regarded as one of the finest manufacturers, reconditioner's and suppliers in the food industry. At PAPPAS a complete inventory of equipment, parts and supplies are available for immediate shipment. The facility includes and equipment reconditioning center, a factory for the manufacture of emulsifier parts, previously made in Germany, and a service department with a 24-hour emergency fax line.

PAPPAS craftsmanship continues to flourish with the recent design and development of a new emulsifier and emulsifier equipment that meets the growing demands of the food industry.

PAPPAS continues to operate its business the old fashioned way, satisfying the needs of each customer with the finest quality products and service.